The Libertarian candidate for governor is getting 6 or 7 percent in public opinion polls, which is greater than the lead that Gov. Pat Quinn enjoys in recent polls.  This concerns Republican Bruce Rauner. “The Libertarian candidate is not a viable option. It's a wasted vote. But you know what, it’s an open process, it’s gonna be a good spirited campaign and debate. I’m highly confident we’re gonna win,” he said.
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But Libertarian Chad Grimm says voting for him is not a waste. “A vote for me is a vote for me. I go out there and earn my votes, and people have different reasons for wanting to vote for me and I support any of those reasons,” he said.  Some Republican voters – especially pro-life Downstate residents – view Rauner as not conservative enough and like Grimm as an alternative. Grimm, of Peoria, is pro-life, pro-gun and pro-marijuana legalization. He’s at least trying to get 5 percent of the vote, to give Libertarians major-party status.
Grimm has not been allowed to participate in any of the broadcast debates.
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