Lawmakers will try again to pass a measure that would allow the public to take video with sound of police officers on the job.   The update to the state’s eavesdropping law failed to pass the House several weeks ago amid concerns from some lawmakers that recording video with audio would make it harder for cops to do their jobs. Sponsoring State Rep. Elaine Nekritz (D-Northbrook) says her slight change will deter fraud.


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“The change that we’ve added addresses the situation where someone might make an audio recording, alter it, and try to use it as evidence of some wrongdoing by that police officer,” she says. “In the amendment that we’ve offered, we require that tape be turned over to the State's Attorney.”   Nekritz says the change likely won’t be enough to sway the most adamant detractors, including police organizations and police officers. But she says it will likely have just enough votes to pass the House.


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