Students attending Lewis and Clark Community College appear to have an interest in student housing within walking distance of the school, but if it happens a private company will have to build it.  State law prohibits community colleges from operating student housing and even the Lewis and Clark Foundation is taking a pass on the opportunity.

The school contracted out a study on the topic, and of the more than 800 students who were surveyed, the majority said they would be interested in some kind of housing within walking distance of the school.  The college took the findings of Brailsford and Dunlavey and approached the Lewis and Clark Foundation, but the group said housing was not a part of its mission.  College President Dr. Dale Chapman said in a previous interview that student housing is a key to continued growth of its nursing, dental hygiene and other trade programs as well as athletics that attract students from outside the River Bend:

Chapman comment

The school will host a public meeting on July 10 to release the study to interested developers and contractors.  There are parcels of land near the school that could hold such housing and the study indicated the need for approximately 68 to 110 beds within a half mile radius. 

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