The growing student body at Lewis and Clark Community College has prompted the school to conduct a study on the potential for student housing. The study will take place in March, following some interest in the possibility by several groups of students that take part in specialized education at the school, and others that travel great distances each week.

Lewis and Clark Community College President Dr. Dale Chapman says nursing students, those involved in a special education School to Work program, and athletes who come from outside the immediate River Bend region are some that have expressed an interest in student housing. State law forbids the school from directly operating such housing, but its foundation or some other non-profit entity could work with a construction company or management company to fill the need. Chapman says right now it's still very early, but they have an idea of what might work if there is interest:

Chapman comment

Chapman says potentially the housing could be located off Stamper Lane.  He says if it's constructed, a private company would be in charge of paying for it, the management, security, maintenance, and other issues associated with such housing and not the school. Chapman says there's no time frame for anything beyond the study in the spring and they'll wait until they see the results before taking the next step.