A new report claims the state’s lawsuit environment is driving away businesses, but doesn’t offer much beyond anecdotal evidence. The study released by the Illinois Civil Justice League, a business group, compares counties by lawsuits filed per 1,000 residents. It found a high volume in Cook, Madison, Saint Clair, Jackson, Jefferson, and Williamson Counties, and claims that litigation “has had a devastating impact on business expansion and job growth in the state.” When pressed for some correlation between lawsuits and jobs leaving the state, the league’s president, John Pastuovic, talked about a recent discussion he had with business attorneys.
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“(I) just had an informal conversation with a few of them. Not only businesses moving out, these gentlemen were telling that their companies won’t even consider moving into Illinois because of the putrid lawsuit environment that occurs here,” Pastuovic said.The Illinois Civil Justice League counts many of the state’s biggest businesses among its members, including Caterpillar, State Farm and Allstate, along with organizations such as the Illinois Chamber of Commerce and the Illinois Manufacturers’ Association.