A letter signed by 302 lawmakers from across the United States was sent to President Obama, asking him to make global warming a priority for his second term. Ten lawmakers from Illinois signed the letter, including State Rep. Barbara Flynn Currie. “He, himself, brought it up the issue in the inaugural.  I hope this will just be a reminder that he thinks it’s important and we just want him to know that we think it’s important too,” Currie said.
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Currie says that the Obama Administration did a good job in the first term, but there is still more that needs to be done. “What he’s done is good, but it doesn’t go very far in terms of actually limiting the amounts of greenhouse gases that are coming from the United States,” Currie said.  “So the limit on power plants is good but how about the ones that are already out there.  Not just the new ones but the old ones. So that’s something that could be done,” Currie said.
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