Illinois’ governor and a bipartisan group of lawmakers say three measures they’re promoting are  the beginning to reforming the state’s criminal justice system to make Illinois smart on crime instead of tough on crime.


One measure proposed Wednesday would allow for an alternative form of state identification to be offered to offenders just getting out of prison. The ID is intended to help offenders get access to various resources and services.


Another measure, from Democratic state Sen. Kwame Raoul, would expand the use of electronic monitoring.

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Raoul said his measure also would expand rehabilitation program credits for people who find themselves back behind bars.


A third measure requires judges to explain why they’re handing down sentences in cases where the individual has no prior record.


The sponsor, Republican state Sen. Michael Connelly, said first-time offenders who find themselves behind bars often come out seasoned criminals.


“Before we do that, let’s make sure we put on the record exactly why, without any prior convictions, this individual is going to the Department of Corrections,” Connelly said.


Gov. Bruce Rauner said the proposed bills are from 14 recommendations found in a report to reform the state’s criminal justice system.


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