Illinois lawmakers are playing video games on the floor of the General Assembly. 

As the state nears its eleventh month without a budget, a couple Illinois legislators were caught on camera playing video games on the House floor. The Champaign television station WCIA Newschannel 3 focused its lens on State Representative Mike Smiddy playing a game during last month’s debate that sent stop-gap funding to Illinois’ colleges and universities. He says he was still doing his job.

“Well, we were on the floor, just waiting for the vote to happen.” he said. “I guess multitasking is not something they feel legislators know how to do. 

Republican State Rep. Joe Sosnowski was concerned about the message playing games during debate sends.

“If they’re searching for stories on state government on news sites, that one thing,” he said. “But if they’re playing solitaire or other games like that, it doesn’t send a good message to constituents around the state. We’re working for the taxpayers when we’re in session. That’s an important thing to keep in mind.”

Kankakee Democrat Kate Cloonen was also seen playing the popular “Candy Crush” game during the same debate. She told the station in a statement that she’s been focused on working to end the budget impasse.


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