Frank MautinoA growing number of Republican state lawmakers are criticizing Illinois’ auditor general for his failure to answer questions about his campaign expenses while he was a member of the Illinois House of Representatives.


Democrat Frank Mautino closed out his campaign fund before being sworn in as auditor general last year. After months of asking about Mautino’s campaign spending, 20 Republican lawmakers are demanding answers.


Rep. Grant Wehrli, R-Naperville, said besides the months of Mautino’s failure to give clear answers to lawmakers’ questions, the most alarming thing is the amount Mautino paid for car repairs out of campaign funds.


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“There’s $250,000 in automobile repairs over a 10-year period, and that’s just one shop,” he said.


Wehrli said he has trouble trusting audits from an auditor general who did a poor job keeping tabs on his own campaign fund.


“I’m sorry but if our auditor general cannot be forthright with his own expenses and auditing practices, then I place a high level of scrutiny on any work product coming out of his office under his leadership,” Wehrli said.


State Sen. Jim Oberweis, R-North Aurora, thinks Mautino should not have gotten the job in the first place. Oberweis joined other Republicans Thursday to demand answers about Mautino’s campaign expenses. Oberweis said it should not be a partisan issue.


“I’m sure there are Democrats who believe he needs to respond, but the general feeling is that most Democrats didn’t want to get involved at this point,” Oberweis said.


A spokesman for Mautino said the auditor general will respond to the latest request soon.


Mautino has a hearing in front of the Illinois State Board of Elections later this month.