Pay or no pay, three state legislators want to go back to work to pass a pension reform bill.   State Reps. Dennis Reboletti (R-Elmhurst) and Ron Sandack (R-Downers Grove), along with State Sen. Mike Connelly (R-Lisle), are calling on the governor to convene a special session every day until a bill is signed.


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“We’ve seen the governor’s political stunts of taking away our salaries,” Reboletti said. “We’re demanding to be called back to work, and we’re prepared to stay night and day in Springfield until that job is done.”   The governor has called special sessions before to resolve the pension shortfall, with little success.


As for the governor’s veto of the appropriation for lawmakers’ pay, the lawmakers acknowledged that it’s been a publicly popular move.   “The citizenry probably thinks ‘Yay, governor, good move,’” said Sandack.  “Except it hasn’t moved the needle at all towards solving the problem.”   Lawmakers typically receive a $111 per diem for every day in session for food and lodging.  Sendack says this isn’t a ploy to collect that money.


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