The November ballot will be more of a questionnaire if all of the proposed referendums make it on. The Illinois House has passed a proposal pushed by Speaker Mike Madigan (D-Chicago) to put the minimum wage question – should it rise to $10? – to voters as a non-binding referendum. This follows the progress – in various stages – to ask the voters of Illinois whether to reduce the size of the legislature, restrict lawmakers to term limits, crack down on possible voter suppression, change the redistricting process, and more.
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“We don’t feel that this would act as a detriment” to the state’s employers, Madigan said. He said he wants Illinois to be a state in which those “at the bottom of the economic stratum can lift themselves up.”  Other bills which are getting some attention are a couple which the governor says he is looking forward to signing: one which requires employers to make accommodations for their pregnant employees, and one which would implement AED and CPR training for Illinois high school students.
  • H.B. 3814 (minimum wage referendum) passed the House, 71-43, and goes to the Senate.
  • H.B. 3724 (AED) passed the Senate, 48-4, and goes to the governor.
  • H.B. 8 (pregnancy) passed the Senate, 57-0, and returns to the House for concurrence.
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