A state legislator is calling on the governor to get out of the state’s lottery privatization deal.  State Rep. Jack Franks (D-Marengo) makes no secret of his opposition to turning over the Illinois lottery to a private company, and with Northstar Lottery Group failing to meet revenue goals for three straight years, Franks believes there’s an alternative.  “Fire them. Right now,” Franks said at a news conference Wednesday afternoon in Springfield.
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As part of the contract Northstar signed with the state in 2010, it has to pay penalties when revenue falls short of projections. But according to Franks, those penalties don’t cover all the lost profits for the state.  “That’s money that could be going to paying for our social services and paying for our schools and paying for everything else,” Franks said, “and perhaps we wouldn’t need a tax increase if we actually got the money that was promised under these contracts.”
Franks puts the blame on the governor for awarding the contract to Northstar, and says the governor’s staff has ignored his concerns about the company’s shortcomings.
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