2013 was the year Illinois became the last state to pass a concealed-carry law. 2014 could be the year people try to expand it or undo it.  There’s already a bill filed to ban concealed weapons from all places which sell or serve liquor. The law which passed over the summer bans guns only from establishments which derive more than half their sales from liquor.
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One of the sponsors of the bill is State Rep. Sara Feigenholtz (D-Chicago), who says guns and alcohol do not mix, period. “I think that we’re going to see some loopholes being closed, or (attempts to close them) … and they will be followed by lawsuits,” she said. “Hopefully, we will prevail, and we will have no guns where we sell alcohol.”  The procedures for getting a concealed-carry license are not even in place, with the permit process opening in January.
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