Slow down.  Move over.  That's what to do when you're on the road and see a crash scene or anything else where police, fire, and rescue workers have their flashing lights on.  Not enough people get the message, resulting in injuries – sometimes fatal – to first responders.
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“What really got me going on this,” said State Sen. Chapin Rose (R-Mahomet), is that “a high school classmate of mine, Chris Brown, passed away last year in a tragedy in the Bloomington area, where he was a fireman responding to a scene and was struck and killed by a motorist passing by the scene.”
Rose is sponsoring a resolution for a Highway Safety Task Force.  One thing which could come from it, Rose says, is a guideline as to how emergency crews can park their fire truck or ambulance in such a way as to shield themselves from inattentive drivers.
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