IL House ChamberDemocratic Representative Jack Franks is standing by his request for the governor to call a special session for this Thursday saying it’s an effort to shore up millions in unbalanced spending per day.


Last Thursday on the House floor Franks requested the governor to call a special session. Earlier in the week Governor Bruce Rauner said it wouldn’t work.


Republican Representative Tim Butler told WMAY Springfield he’s worried about the additional cost.


“My problem with special session is it costs us more money to go into special session,” Butler said.  


However Franks said what’s happening right now is costing taxpayers big time.


“Now if we want to continue doing the same thing over and over and hoping for a different result,” Franks said, “we certainly can and that will definitely cost the taxpayers $33 million more a day than we’re bringing in.”


“We’ going to have a $10 billion deficit by July 1st if we continue doing what we’re doing now,” Franks said. “What I know is it doesn’t work.”


Butler had another issue with the thought of a special session, the control over the House from Speaker Michael Madigan.


“The Speaker controls the agenda for the House and I think it’s really up to the Speaker to do that and we don’t need the governor to set a special session for it,” Butler said.  


Franks said if he were governor he would call a special session and “ask all the leaders to come, but I think more importantly to have the rank and file say what we will and will not vote for, because the rank and file on both sides don’t want to speak up because they’re scared of upsetting their leaders.”


“We’re well past that,” Franks said. “We need to upset our leaders, because if we keep following our leaders we’re going to follow them right over the cliff.”  


“So I think any good businessman would make that decision to say ‘you know what? I’ll spend less than $100,000 a week to save $200 million a week,’” Frank said. 


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