Illinois has a new law regarding so-called military brats.  These are the kids of members of the Armed Forces who are bounced around the country as their parents get new assignments. The new law is aimed at making the transition from schools out of state into Illinois schools as drama-free as possible.  “This is a huge help for our military families because when military members are re-assigned, we go home, we tell our spouses OK, we got a new assignment, we’re going somewhere, the very first question they ask is what are the schools like there?”
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Col. Kyle J. Kremer, commander of Scott Air Force Base, said as the governor signed the bill into law at Mascoutah High School, which many high-school age children of Scott personnel attend.  The law addresses issues such as the transfer of health and academic records, non-custodial parents, course placement, graduation, extracurricular activities and absences related to deployment activities.  Illinois has since 2010 been part of the Military Interstate Children’s Compact Commission, also addressing children transferring in with military parents.
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