The Alton City Council could reach a decision tomorrow on whether or not a local tattoo shop can relocate from Homer Adams to the corner of Broadway and Henry in downtown Alton. This will be the 4th time the matter is voted on. The city council voted on the fate of the relocation once before and the Alton City Plan Commission has rejected it twice. At the second City Plan Commission meeting part-owner of Old Bakery and Beer Company James Rogalski said he thought the minds of some of the commission members were already made up.

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City Plan Commission member Bill Stoutenborough, who has been involved with the issue since it started with a panel at Jacoby Art Center on the topic of "what is art?" said at the City Plan meeting on June 9th that his mind has been changed.

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The votes came to draw of 5 in favor and 5 against in that meeting on June 9th, which indicated a negative result. The issue heads back to the council for a second time. The council will take up this issue again tomorrow at 7:30 P.M.

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