Convicted former attorney Tom Lakin will spend an additional year in jail. Lakin was scheduled to be released from federal prison last November but had another year tacked on to his sentence due to his state conviction on sex charges. He pleaded not guilty, but stipulated the facts of the case against him. Lakin was originally sentenced to six years for the federal drug charges.

Lakin is serving his time in a prison in Texas, and is now scheduled to be released this November. The Federal Bureau of Prisons made the decision to add the extra year as a result of the state conviction. He pleaded guilty in 2008 to the drug charges, but qualified for a year off the sentence after completing a drug treatment program. In exchange for that federal plea, federal sex charges were dropped. He was accused of having sex with minors during drug parties at his home, as well as out of state. Lakin is still facing possible civil litigation.

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