New U.S. Rep. Darin LaHood says a full vote comes Thursday on the next speaker of the House, and LaHood says Paul Ryan is the best man for the job.

That vote will come after all 248 House Republicans meet Wednesday and approve of Ryan -- who originally didn't want the job but said he'd take it if he was the consensus choice of Republicans.

LaHood says it it's a good time for current Speaker John Boehner to go.

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"I think he made the best decision for the Republicans and for his future," says LaHood (R-Dunlap).  "I think over the last three weeks, it's presented a good opportunity for us to bring in a fresh face with new ideas."

LaHood says Ryan has a much different skill-set than Boehner, and has great ideas including both on economic and social policy.

"Whether it's economic policy or social policy, I think he's sufficiently conservative, from my point of view," says LaHood.  "He's been a leader on economic issues -- whether it's entitlement reform or welfare reform."

LaHood says as to whether or not Ryan is "conservative enough" for everyone, even the "Freedom Caucus" has a large majority of people favoring him.


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