U.S. Sen. Mark Kirk says there aren’t many favorable military options against Iran if nuclear negotiations break down.  Kirk says he doesn’t favor a military strike against Iran, as he believes Americans don’t want to enter into another war in the Middle East. Besides public opinion, Kirk says his military experience tells him a nuclear-armed Iran severely limits the options to strike against the country.
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“If you put nukes in a scenario where the United States Navy is ordered to protect the West’s supply of oil, we cannot accomplish our mission there once nukes are present,” Kirk said, “and then you encumber a future admiral to come to the president and say ‘Mr. President, you may order my fleet in there. I’ll just come back with ships full of bodies.’”
Kirk says economic sanctions are still the best option if the U.S. and Iran don’t reach a deal to curb Iran’s nuclear program by June 30.
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