Whether it’s dealing with Iran, Palestine, or Russia, U.S. Sen. Mark S. Kirk (R-Ill.) doesn’t support how the Obama administration has handled foreign policy matters.  Kirk said he’d give the administration a poor grade on foreign policy, likening its strategy to “treating enemies as friends and friends as enemies.”  When asked for one example of how he’d like to have seen a foreign policy issue handled differently in 2014, Kirk said the administration should have taken, not just frozen, the assets of wealthy Russians with ties to Vladimir Putin.
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“To actually attack the financial bottom line of the Russian oligarchs would be an effective way to ensure that countries are not invading each other,” Kirk said. “Remember, this is how we got into World War 2.”
Kirk lists the talks over Iran’s nuclear program and the administration’s relations with Israel as other areas of concern. He says the result of Obama’s six years of foreign policy is the United States “isn’t feared anywhere or respected anywhere.”
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