U.S. Sen. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) is backing off from comments he made accusing President Obama of wanting to "get nukes to Iran."
Kirk said that in an interview on WRKO-AM in Boston after the final agreement on curbing Iran's nuclear program had been reached. He strongly opposes the deal, labeling it in that interview "the great appeasement since Chamberlain gave Czechslovakia to Hitler."
Kirk is now walking back some of those comments, though he's not labeling it an apology.
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"(Obama) doesn't want to get nukes, that was me being too carried away," Kirk said. "I've been pretty angry about the Iran deal."
Kirk's opposition to the deal hasn't changed, as he believes it allows Iran to keep too much enriched uranium and frees up Iranian funds which he believes will cause "a lot of trouble" in the region.
He predicts Congress will pass a resolution to block the deal's implementation before the end of a 60-day review period. Obama can veto that deal, and it's unlikely there are enough votes to override the veto in both the House and Senate.
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