Gov. Pat Quinn has signed a new law to keep students and faculty safe as they head back to school.  The law allows juvenile criminal records to be shared with school officials when there is an imminent threat to individuals at the school and certain offenses have been committed by a student.  “Our children and their teachers deserve to go to school every day feeling safe,” Quinn said.
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“This new law will help ensure that schools are safe learning environments where the bright young minds of our future can be nurtured without fear."  The legislation stemmed from an incident in which an Elgin school teacher was attacked by a student who was under investigation at the time for two other violent attacks.  The new law, which is designed to strengthen safety in schools, provides that information from these law enforcement records may only be shared orally and may not become part of the student’s official school record or public record.  This law will require police and the school district to provide support services to an at-risk student when appropriate.
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