A Collinsville resident is so fed up with a couple of city officials he’s hoping to ask voters this November whether they should step down.

Collinsville citizen Rob Dorman said Mayor John Miller made some bad decisions, including replacing the city manager. Dorman also has problems with Councilwoman Cheryl Brombolich’s past conduct, so he decided to do something about it.

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“In Illinois, there’s no vehicle to recall elected members of public bodies, so I was reading, and I found that I could put a non-binding public-policy referendum question on the ballot, and I wrote it out and circulated it,” Dorman said.

Brombolich objected to the petitions, and the local elections board threw them out on a split vote. A Madison County judge is set to hear Dorman’s appeal Friday.

Dorman said Brombolich is wasting tax dollars challenging the nonbinding referendums.

“Me, the taxpayer, and the rest of the residents had to pay for a court reporter to be at the hearing in Collinsville. We had to pay for the city attorney to be present, and now we’re paying for the city attorney to be at the courthouse.”

Brombolich did not respond to messages seeking comment.

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