Illinoisans with chronic postoperative pain, or C-POP, may soon be eligible for Illinois' medical cannabis pilot program.  Cook County Circuit Court Judge Neil Cohen ruled Tuesday that Illinois Department of Public Health Director Dr. Nirav Shah improperly used his own study to deny the condition affecting thousands of Illinoisans to the state's cannabis program.

Cohen ordered Shah to reconsider the condition using only the advice from his advisory board, which voted to include CPOP.  Plaintiff's attorney Michael Goldberg said thousands of Illinoisans could have an alternative to opioid-based pain-killers to ease what is often debilitating pain.

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Cohen and other Cook County judges have ruled that the department must reconsider other conditions like migraines and irritable bowel syndrome for the pilot program as well.  Spokeswoman Melaney Arnold said the Department of Public Health is reviewing the ruling.


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