A central Illinois judge has sided with the state, and has ruled it can cancel adoption and foster care service contracts with Catholic Charities of Illinois.  The move comes a few weeks after Sangamon County Circuit Judge John Schmidt issued a stay on the matter, allowing the contracts to continue, while he considered the case.

In his ruling, Schmidt said no organization has a legal right to a state contract. Julie Neposchlan, spokeswoman for the Catholic Charities diocese ofSpringfield, reading from a prepared statement, says she’s unsure what the next step will be for her organization.

“We’ll review the judge’s ruling, and we’ll confer with our bishops and our boards and our attorneys to determine what our future course of action will be,” she says.  Catholic Charities would not comment beyond its prepared statement. Schmidt did not comment on whether the refusal to allow gay couples to adopt children violates the state’s civil union law, even though that is ostensibly why the state canceled the contracts in the first place.

(IllinoisRadio Network)