Job hunters are being warned of thieves claiming to represent Bio Advocate Pro, a company that does bio-hazard cleanup work.  Victims were each instructed by the company to pay $89 for a criminal background check by using a prepaid Green Dot MoneyPak card.  In each case, the victims never heard from the company after sending the money.

Better Business Bureau investigator Bill Smith says employment scams victimize those who already are vulnerable.

Smith comments

In one case, a man from Alton said he had been emailing responses to several on-line job postings when a caller claiming to represent Bio Advocate Pro contacted him about a $17-an-hour cleaning job.  After he gave the Green Dot card’s identification number to the scammers, the thieves emptied the money from the card and then stopped communicating with him. He said he even went to what he thought was a pre-employment drug test, but when he arrived, the laboratory told him he was not scheduled and the lab had no information on any company called Bio Advocate Pro.

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