Residents in Jersey County will have the chance to vote for or against a referendum that could impact their property taxes.  The Jersey County Board last week approved a measure that would place a question on the ballot in April asking if the county should adopt the Property Tax Extension Limitation Law, or PTELL.

Residents in Jersey County voted last November in favor of an advisory referendum to place the question on the ballot, and board members voted 7-1 to do so.  However, several members spoke out against PTELL saying it would have a negative impact on taxing bodies like school districts, libraries, road districts and local communities.  PTELL would limit an increase in property taxes for non-home rule taxing districts by slowing growth of revenues to taxing districts when property values and assessments are increasing faster than the rate of inflation.   Some have called PTELL a “tax cap,” but others say that is misleading because it does not cap property taxes or individual property assessments.   Board members said while they support the right of the people to vote on the issue, they urged residents to research it before making a decision.


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