A Madison County Coroner's Jury ruled on two recent cases on Wednesday, one involving an Alton death, and another involving a couple from Edwardsville. The jury ruled that the death of 23 year old Tyler Hoppe was a homicide. Hoppe was found shot outside his home on Hampton Avenue December 7, and later died of his injuries.

It was reported during the inquest yesterday that Hoppe was shot during the course of a robbery, and that two men were responsible and have been charged. 19 year old Nigel Generally of Berkeley, Missouri, is in custody while 20 year old Larry Belk of St. Louis remains at large. Both are charged with first degree murder. 21 year old Hosie Burgess of Alton has also been charged with murder for allegedly supplying the weapon used in the homicide. Police credit two female witnesses for providing information leading to the charges. The jury also ruled the deaths of Khalil Mikayel and his wife Marwa a murder suicide. Authorities believe Khalil had been depressed and had attempted suicide in the past, and last October 17 had tried to kill himself when his wife tried to stop him. Edwardsville Police believe he stabbed his wife multiple times killing her, then took his own life.