If Gov. Bruce Rauner expects federal money to rescue human services programs he’s proposing to cut, an Illinois congresswoman says he should rethink his budget.  U.S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Evanston) isn’t shying away from criticizing Rauner, saying she hopes he doesn’t get his way on most of his so-called “turnaround agenda.” When it comes to cuts he’s proposing in human services, she says the federal government can’t make up for funding he takes away.
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“We certainly want the state to take advantage of any federal dollar that’s coming their way, and we shouldn’t leave any money on the table, but the answer is not that the federal government is going to end up bailing out Illinois,” Schakowsky said.  Some of Rauner’s proposed cuts, such as supports for older state wards who have aged out of foster care, would mean Illinois will miss out on matching federal dollars.  Schakowsky says judging by Rauner’s cuts and legislative agenda, he’s thinking “about the financial bottom line. We like to think about people.”