A woman from Wood River has been sentenced to seven years in jail for her role in the drunk driving death of a passenger in her vehicle in a traffic crash in 2010. 24 year old Brittney Butler pleaded guilty to driving under the influence of alcohol resulting in a death after the car she was driving hit the rear end of a trash truck. Killed in the crash was 35 year old Jeffrey Davis of Alton.

Police say Butler had a blood alcohol content of point-1-6, which is twice the legal limit, and initially told police she was not the driver until police informed her that Davis died while in a seatbelt in the passenger seat. While out on bond from the initial arrest, Butler was arrested in October 2011 for possession of marijuana, resisting arrest, obstructing identification and other traffic violations while violated the terms of her release and she was taken into custody. Associate Judge James Hackett said yesterday he sentenced Butler based on the original crime and her actions since the DUI death. Butler issued an apology in court yesterday.