The Illinois State Rifle Association says the proposed “assault weapons” ban is a political move on the part of the governor. ISRA executive director Richard Pearson says if rules regarding the privilege of ownership of guns were followed, there wouldn’t be such senseless shootings.

“You think about the [offender] in Colorado or the crime against the Congresswoman [Gabby Giffords], the one thing they all had in common, besides owning a firearm or having a firearm, had their psychiatrist or psychologist reported them as required they would’ve never been able to get their hands on [a gun],” Pearson said referring to laws that prohibit a person from purchasing or possessing a gun if they have a history of mental illness.

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As far as the provision in the proposed ban that allows a person in possession of an assault weapon to keep the gun as long as they show proof of ownership to the Illinois State Police, Pearson says that adds up to registration.

 “We are opposed to all firearm registration,”Pearson said. “It’s just a back-door registration scheme and we all know that every time you register firearms, whatever government requires you to register those firearms generally comes after you.”

The governor Tuesday issued an amendatory veto to an ammunition bill to ban certain semi-automatic weapons and high capacity magazines. Lawmakers in Springfield must decide to approve the bill or override the governor and reject the legislation.

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