Illinois’ new concealed carry law requires permit applicants to undergo 16 hours of training. What do they learn? For people who are new to guns, 16 hours is barely enough to get it all in, says Richard Pearson, executive director of the Illinois State Rifle Association and an instructor.

“We teach them the proper stances, how to grip the firearm, how to pull the trigger properly, how sights work, how bullets work, what makes good ones and what makes bad ones, and when you have to choose different bullets for different times of the year. We have one in the summer and one in the winter, for example,” he said.


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Pearson says there’s also training on the concealed carry law itself – the permit application procedures and where under the law a permit holder can and cannot carry a gun – and on when it’s legal for a permit holder to draw or fire his or her weapon, and how to avoid the conflicts that might give rise to those situations.

Person says he tells his students to forget everything they’ve ever seen in the movies about using a gun.

The State Police website for accepting concealed carry permit applications opened on Sunday.

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