Gary ForbyThe drive to dilute union influence on Illinois could hit a snag. State Sen. Gary Forby (D-Benton) is asking the attorney general for an opinion on whether “right-to-work” concepts being discussed for the state are legal.  “You hear something from the attorney general, you’ll believe it,” Forby says in reinforcing the credibility of Attorney General Lisa Madigan. “The governor’s going around talking about a right-to-work state, but let’s get the definition of a right-to-work state out there.”
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The questions Forby has, quoting directly from his letter to Madigan:
  • Under current law, may Illinois counties or municipalities, either home rule or non-home rule, adopt “right-to-work” ordinances that would be enforceable within their corporate boundaries?
  • Alternatively under current law, may voters authorize, by referendum, "right-to-work" zones that would be enforceable within a governmental entity’s corporate boundaries?
  • Under current law, may a county, municipality, or school district adopt any ordinance or pass a referendum allowing the local government to opt out of the provisions of the Prevailing Wage Act?
Forby, who chairs the Senate Labor Committee, says he has employed union labor during his entire business career and that the labor movement is strong in his Southern Illinois district.
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