Scammers continue to find new ways to trick consumers into sending them thousands of dollars.  A phony IRS tax scam is apparently making the rounds again, this time targeting mostly Edwardsville residents.  In each case, the crooks told the targets they owe back taxes and tried intimidating them into wiring money under threat of arrest.

The criminals tell their victims they will be arrested if they don’t wire the money, but law enforcement officials remind the IRS does will not call you to solicit money or threaten immediate arrest.  Better Business Bureau spokesman Bill Smith recently told The Big Z the basics of the scam are the same as many others, so you need to educate your family and friends.

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Smith says if a caller claims to represent law enforcement or a government agency, get the person’s name and affiliation and tell them you will call back.  In these recent cases, the callers are apparently spoofing the Edwardsville Police Department phone number.  Spoofing is when you manipulate a phone number to make it appear on caller ID that it is originating from somewhere it’s not.


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