Rejecting the Iran nuclear agreement would bring some severe consequences, according to supporters of the deal.
U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Chicago) says opponents of the agreement designed to curb Iran's nuclear program aren't offering their own plan. He feels the deal will prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons, and without the inspections and limits the deal provides, only extreme options are left.
"The fact is the only alternative is to bomb," Gutierrez said.
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Opponents of the deal have argued keeping economic sanctions in place will eventually force Iran to agree to terms more favorable to the U.S. Alan Solow, a former chairman of the Council of Major American Jewish Organizations, says unless sanctions are backed by the United Nations, they're not very effective.
"We know what the history is of the United States having sanctions by itself of Iran's nuclear program, they didn't work," Solow said.
Congress has 60 days to review the deal, and can pass a resolution to block its implementation. President Obama has promised a veto such a resolution, and it's unlikely there are enough votes to override.  
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