Illinois is a state which uses the federal version of what some call “Obamacare” – the insurance plan available under the Affordable Care Act. That’s probably going to change.  Sponsoring a bill to establish a state exchange as it passed committee, State Rep. Robyn Gabel (D-Evanston) says there are two reasons:
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“The federal financing to establish a state-based exchange expires Dec. 31,” she told members of a House committee. Also, she says, “The Supreme Court has taken on a case that could rule that only people who get their health insurance policies through state exchanges can get subsidies. The subsidies are really what make these plans affordable.”
An opponent who testified, Illinois Policy Institute executive vice president Kristina Rasmussen, said it’s unreasonable to think the high court would act that soon. Also, she says, the state exchanges have failed to live up to expectations.
Some have a problem with, for example, race and sex guidelines to which a governing board would have to adhere to reflect the state’s makeup, and Gabel says she’s open to suggestion for amendments.
S.B. 636 passed the House Human Services Committee.
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