The University of Illinois Springfield-based Illinois Innocence Project will still work on every wrongful conviction that comes in, but now there is a special focus on one group of the populated affected by wrongful convictions more than others.
The Illinois Innocence Project is starting a Latino innocence initiative.
"When we were facing cases of individuals who are actually innocent, we realized that there were specific problems Latinos face," says Larry Golden, IIP founding director.  "Things like language problems, things like immigration problems, that were contributing to wrongful convictions."
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Golden says Latinos make up 14 percent or more of the prison population in the state.
"Part of our proposal is to have a conference and focus in on what are the issues, and what can be done to resolve them," says Golden.
Federal grant money will pay for the initiative, including the hiring of two bi-lingual attorneys -- one based in Chicago, the other in Springfield.
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