There were no cold shoulders for State Rep. La Shawn Ford (D-Chicago, pictured) on his first day back in Springfield since being indicted on bank fraud charges.  Ford was greeted with handshakes, hugs and smiles from a number of his fellow Democrats when he walked into the House chamber.
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Among them was State Rep. Mary Flowers (D-Chicago), who chatted with Ford at length before Tuesday’s session began and told him he is “a very fine man and to keep his head up.”  Ford refused to talk about the indictment; instead he tried to keep attention focused on issues he and other lawmakers are dealing with in Springfield – like pension reform.  Many lawmakers, both Democrats and Republicans, say they don’t think the House should rush to expel Ford, since the charges against him involve his business and not his duties as a state lawmaker, and they would rather wait to see how things play out in federal court.
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