Today (Monday) is an important day if you’re signing up for health insurance on the exchange.  It’s the day you’ll be automatically renewed if you’re an existing customer who does nothing, and it’s the last day to sign up and have insurance take effect Jan. 1.  Jennifer Koehler, director of the Get Covered Illinois campaign, says some of the health insurance buyers who have been assisted by helpers called “navigators,” want to have continued hand-holding regarding how to use their insurance.
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“We heard from the field after Year 1 that our navigators, quite a few of them, have developed continuing relationships with their enrollees, and they want to be able to continue to help them as much as possible post-enrollment,” she said.
Taking that into account, the campaign convened a meeting with the insurance companies to make sure the navigators are educated about plans, doctor networks and covered drugs. This way they’ll be in the know if the people they helped enroll have further questions.
There are 10 insurance companies offering 400 plans in Illinois.
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