If Republicans don’t like the president’s threat of acting alone on immigration reform, U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) says they already have the solution.  That would be to allow a vote in the House on the immigration reform bill passed by the Senate last year. Durbin says this situation has only come about because Republicans refused to consider the legislation.
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“What excuse could you come up with?” Durbin said. “We passed the bill in the Senate with 68 votes, strong bipartisan measure that I worked on and believe in. They refuse to debate it or call it, and now they’re criticizing the president because he’s trying to solve the problem.”  Durbin believes the bill would pass in the House if put up to a vote.  The executive action President Obama is considering would involve protecting immigrant parents whose children are U.S. citizens from deportation through his powers of prosecutorial discretion. Essentially, he’d direct the federal government not to pursue cases against those individuals.
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