A Springfield woman and U. S. citizen, who now works as a behavior analyst, came to America from Nigeria as a child. She appeared at a labor / faith coalition event near the Capitol Monday afternoon to put a face on the story of immigration.  “As a documented worker, I know the struggles I went through,” says Florence Holmes of Springfield.


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“I can’t even imagine the struggles of those who are unable to get documented or who are undocumented go through. They can’t even ask for assistance when they’re wronged. They’re afraid to ask for medical attention when they’re sick, because they’re afraid of being deported.”  With Congress back in session, the group – representing parts of the 13th Congressional District – says it has momentum to impress upon House members such as U. S. Rep. Rodney Davis (R-Taylorville) the importance of convincing their leaders of all of the ground-level support.


Earlier this summer, a Davis staffer attending an immigration roundtable said in communication to his office, support against a “path to citizenship” was running four-to-one. Illinois AFL-CIO spokesman Bill Looby said today (Monday), “We have polling that shows there’s broad support for this. I don’t know how often the business community in this state and organized labor agree to move forward on a bill. I don’t know who’s calling him.”


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