Illinois has a “skills gap,” according to a business group.  Sean Noble, Illinois director for the group Ready Nation, says this means there are jobs that Illinois does not have the workers to fill. “Current education and labor market trends indicate the Illinois workforce faces an increasingly serious skills gap. That’s the gap between two important numbers: Job postings and the workers who are skilled enough to fill those positions,” he said.
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Not everyone has to go to college, the group says, but kids ought to come out of high school able to learn on the job. The group also supports a boost in early childhood education.
“Research shows investments in kids’ learning and development are key to stabilizing jobs today and strengthening the workforce of tomorrow,” said Kevin Weinacht of Weinacht & Associates in Collinsville. He says high quality pre-school returns to society a “profit” of $26,000 per child – meaning that’s the economic benefit minus the cost.
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