Illinois’ unemployment rate held steady at 9.2 percent over the last month.  The unemployment rate was unchanged from July to August, according to the Illinois Department of Employment Security. The state gained 5,900 jobs in the private sector and lost 1,100 government jobs, for a net gain over the period of 4,800 jobs. But Employment Security spokesman Greg Rivara says the gain isn’t enough to bring down the unemployment rate.
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“The unemployment rate still is unacceptably high. There’s a lot of reasons for it being at that stage right now, none of them very acceptable, and certainly that loss of government jobs (is) one of the reasons that is pushing up that unemployment rate,” he said.  Illinois has 5.8 million people working in non-farm payroll jobs. Unemployed people total 602,000, down 2,500, the first drop in that number since May.  The national unemployment rate over the same period fell from 7.4 to 7.3 percent.
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