Here’s an area where Illinois is No. 2– Grease fires on Thanksgiving.  This is according to Bloomington-based State Farm Insurance, based on claims for damage caused by grease fires. Over the last eight years, Illinois has had 27, second to Texas, with 38.  However, State Farm spokeswoman Missy Dundov says the numbers are coming down, with just two last year and one the year before, compared to four, five and six a year in the early days of the turkey frying fad.
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“Frying turkeys was kind of a craze a few years ago and people were just doing it, not really understanding, and as the years went on people are now much more aware, understanding how to do it, following directions,” she said.  You’re supposed to turn off the flame when the turkey is dumped in the grease, in case the displacement overflows the vat, and you’re supposed to do this out in the open, not inside the garage or near the house.
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