In the spring of 2015, 43 school districts in Illinois had local tax increases on the ballot. Twenty of those tax increases passed.


 This March, 40 school districts across Illinois put referendum questions on the ballot. Voters in 23 districts approved them.


 Schools across Illinois have until August 22 to decide if they'll place a tax hike question on the November ballot.


 "It appears there are a lot of districts considering taking a step toward a referendum, either in November or maybe next year," Illinois Association of School Boards spokesman Gary Adkins said.


 Adkins said most of the planned tax increases are for school improvements; not as many districts are looking to build new schools.


 While half the ballot questions have passed in the last two elections, half have failed. Adkins said schools have to convince taxpayers to pay more for local schools.


 But most taxpayers think they already pay enough.


 "All politics are local, and every district has to make the case based on local conditions," Adkins said.


 School referendum questions are more common in spring elections, a smaller voter turnout means fewer votes are needed to increase taxes.


 The state hasn't set the spring 2017 ballot deadline yet.


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