Illinois’ roads aren’t paved with gold, but compared to roads in other states, they’re pretty good.  This is according to a report by David T. Hartgen, a retired professor of transportation studies at the University of North Carolina—Charlotte, on behalf of the Reason Foundation.  The study also examines efficiency, and Illinois is one of the big spenders on highways, but Hartgen says it’s worth it to get good results.
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“It’s not cheap.  They are spending about twice as much per mile of responsibility as the average state, but on balance, they’re putting that money forward, and producing a pretty good result,” Hartgen said.  In recent years, Illinois has poured billions into roads, through the state capital construction program and the Illinois Tollway capital program. This study takes into account all state roads: The IDOT and tollway interstates, the U.S. and state route system, and roads on state property, such as parks and universities.  It does not cover county, township and city roads.
The study gave Illinois the following ranks among the states:
? Total Disbursements per Mile (with 1 being the least): 38
?   Capital and Bridge Disbursements per Mile: 43
?   Maintenance Disbursements per Mile: 36
?   Administrative Disbursements per Mile: 34
?   Rural Interstate Pavement Condition (with 1 being the best): 1
?   Rural Arterial Pavement Condition: 15
?   Urban Interstate Pavement Condition: 3
?  Urban Interstate Congestion (with 50 being the most congested): 47
? Deficient Bridges (with 1 being the fewest): 10
?  Fatality Rate (with 1 being the lowest): 12
? Narrow Rural Arterial Lanes (with 50 being the most problematic): 35
? Overall Performance: 27
Illinois’ overall performance in 2009 was 34th.
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