No matter where you are in Illinois, one thing is the same. It’s dry!  Except for a few pockets across the state, Illinois has seen little precipitation, says Mike Timlin, regional climatologist with the Midwest Region Climate Center in Champaign. “It’s kinda primed right now to really get a whole lot worse pretty quick if we don’t get some rain,” Timlin said.

Timlin says the unseasonably warm weather has increased evaporation, making things even drier than normal. “It’s been closer to what we would see in summer with the extra warmth we’ve had and the plants growing in March that typically would be still dormant just because we had such an early spring all that kind of activity was using up some of the moisture in the soil that wouldn’t typically be happening until later in the year,” Timlin said.

Timlin says the southern part of the state remains drier than the central part, but Central Illinois is catching up.


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