Illinois beat out all other states in the nation in population loss over the past year. US census data released Tuesday shows Illinois continues to lose population. All told 67,000 more people left the state than arrived. With growth, including births, Illinois still showed a net population loss of nearly 22,200.

In fact, the Land of Lincoln lost more people in one year than all other states that saw declines combined. The second biggest loser in that time period was West Virginia, which saw a decline of around 4,600 people. All together over the past year seven states, including Illinois, lost population. Over the past five years, Illinois had the third slowest rate of population increases — of 0.2 percent — trailing Vermont, which had virtually no growth and Maine, which saw 0.1 percent growth. Data from the U.S. Census had Illinois losing over 7,000 people from 2013 to 2014.


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