Illinois is a leader in wind energy, according to a recent federal report – but an expert at Illinois State University is not blown away.

“While 2012 was a great year,” says economics professor David Loomis, “so far in 2013, the first two quarters have been virtually at a standstill. We haven’t completed any new wind farms in those two quarters.”


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Loomis, who runs both the Institute for Regulatory Policy Studies and the Center for Renewable Energy at ISU, says wind farms which could have been built this year were instead built last year to take advantage of a tax credit. Saying he is not as optimistic as is the U. S. Department of Energy, he believes Illinois wind farm construction has plateaued for now

Illinois stands at fourth in the country, with 3,560 megawatts of wind power capacity. Installations last year account for 823 megawatts of that.

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